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VPN and Proxy servers

By vkiss ·
Hello Everyone,

I work for an organization where we have two branches. All the servers are located at our head office and the other branch employees access our Intranet(hosted on one of the servers) through vpn connection over an ADSL line. The Intranet interface is built on flash and it also provides links to many of the applications. Also we constantly update the Intranet.

Employees accessing Intranet through vpn have been complaining a lot about slow page loading. They say it takes 10-15 mins (bit exaggerated i reckon) to open one page.

Is there any way we can optimize this whole scenario and make things quicker. I was thinking about squid proxy server. Will Setting up a squid proxy server in our other branch help? watelse can be done here?

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Consider Citrix

by ganesh.bbr In reply to VPN and Proxy servers

You can consider installing the Citrix getting installed on one server in your main office. Then access applicaiton from the other office via web interface.

Citrix will work well on the dial-up connections as well.

The entire load for processing will be taken care by citrx server locally. Hence would be fast as well.

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Thats a wonderful idea

by vkiss In reply to Consider Citrix

Hey Ganesh,

Thats a good idea but few questions, would they be able to access any application from citrix web interface? anything?. Also what will be the benefit of having citrix over a VPN connection?

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Can can ....

by ganesh.bbr In reply to Thats a wonderful idea

You can access any applicaitons from the citrix servers provided the applicaiton should support multiple user interface and should be able to run in multiple instalnce.

for example Internet explorer ... 2 users logged in to the same server can access internet explorer. Hence need to check the application compatibility.

Over the VPN ... ?
You are going to get a URL to access the citrix webinterface, however in order to get the url access from the other office to your main office you require some kinda connectivity were VPN can be used.

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by vkiss In reply to Consider Citrix

Also how much cost effective is it?

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Sorry ...

by ganesh.bbr In reply to Cost?

I really do not have an idea on this.

If the setup is very small .. then u might need a server dedicatedly for Citrix. You may use anyother server for webinterface and Licence server.

Also u may have to have the number of licences for the applicaitons for multiple user access.

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