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VPN and SBS 2003 Standard...

By ExtremelyInOverMyHead ·
Here's my question... If I have a 3Com OfficeConnect Firewall running and we are vpn'ing in through it, can I access my SBS 2003 server when vpn'd in? The firewall is providing DHCP for all my machines, including the server.

I can provide more info if needed...

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by CG IT In reply to VPN and SBS 2003 Standard ...

#1 SBS works best in a 2 NIC environment 1 WAN 1 LAN. using the single NIC configuration sometimes causes problems in DNS.
#2 not assigning a static IP address for your server can often times cause problems in DNS. Especially with root hints.
#3. Not running DHCP on a SBS box [with associated DHCP optios can cause problems with the Domain Controller, Active Directory, DNS and clients [not finding resources with a query to DNS if the TTL in DHCP is fairly short and the DHCP server on the firewall isn't configured properly to scavange stale records. You might have to periodically do a flushDNS on clients if DHCP provides the SBS box with a different address. Further Exchange Server might not function properly as with the DC, AD, DNS. DNS records are not automatically updated with a new IP address should your firewall DHCP server decide to give the server a new one. Therefore your SBS box will break. Active Directory requires DNS to function and if DNS does not have current records, all services on the SBS box will stop working.

#4. best practice with SBS is to run the Connect to the Internet Wizard in the Things to Do List immediately after the installation process. #5.Typically the SBS installation wizards will automatically install DHCP during SBS setup [single NIC and two NIC setup].
#6. SBS remote access requires installing the RRAS service in SBS. This typically requires DHCP to be running on the SBS box [for LAN addressing of remote clients so they can obtain resources on the LAN].

You can access your SBS box via VPN to your firewall provided the remote VPN connection is provided a LAN address.

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