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VPN and Windows 7

By JSerrago ·
I picked up a Cisco (formally Linksys bussiness series) RVS4000 VPN firewall router.

I love the thing but the QuickVPN client does not work with Windows 7.

Now I don't know how the biggest router company can drop the ball like this but it stinks. (Trust me I called them and already)

What I need now is a good VPN client that will work wtih the router and Windows 7 becuase I manage about 5 of them now.

My colleges you have never let me down before I would appreicate the help.

(PS I alredy know something up there is spelled wrong so no one has to bust me on it. )

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Cisco going down, Juniper better

by notyourusual In reply to VPN and Windows 7

Cisco is garbage and over priced....

Juniper is the future....

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Alternate Client

by kurtplaatjes In reply to Cisco going down, Juniper ...

Honestly, the post above has nothing to do with answering the question.

Have you given Shrewsoft VPN client a try?
Apparently it works well on Win7X64

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hes right

by notyourusual In reply to Alternate Client

yet again.....

Isnt providing a solution an danswe rto a users problems?

Doesnt aslways have to be good news in the end

lookup "consultancy" in google....

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by Jon In reply to VPN and Windows 7

Before reading the information below understand that I wrote this assuming that you can at least install your VPN client, but can not establish a connection, or can establish a connection, but not reach you internal LAN side. With the security model in Windows 7 you need to realize that your VPN unless configured different by default will not have administrative access to creating routes needed to correct establish a connection via VPN client. I recommend setting up local permissions on the machine and a service account that will allow write and execute options to creating routes and have the service use that permission set. Remember that every time you start your VPN client it will need to configure routes on the tap/tun interface. I hope this helps you.

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Thank you all for your attempts

by JSerrago In reply to RE:

I started using the Greenbow IPsec VPN Client and it has worked out fine.

To answer some of the points that have come up. No I couldn't install or configure the Linksys Quick VPN Client.

I just came down that the biggest router company in the world was do D***mn lazy to write a client for an OS they must have known about for the last year and a half.

The Greenbow works great I just wish that I could find a free utility. This one costs but its worth if for me since I can use it to manage 4 networks that I maintain.

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