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VPN Appliance

By Bratt ·
I am trying to find out some information on which VPN appliance would work best for our company. We currently have three users who use a VPN tunnel to retrieve their e-mail but I would like to give them the ability to see all the network drives while they are connected through the VPN. We are currently running on Netware 4.10. Any ideas?

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VPN Appliance Article

by BFilmFan In reply to VPN Appliance

ZDnet had a good article on this:,39023898,20265433,00.htm

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SonicWall TZ170

by Bratt In reply to VPN Appliance Article

What VPN-Firewalls would you suggest? Do you have any hands on experience with SonicWall?

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Sonic and Novell

by BFilmFan In reply to SonicWall TZ170

I've used SonicWall with Microsoft exclusively the last 5 years. I've not seen or touched a Novell installation since 1999, due to most of my clients moving into the Active Directory world (and I can hear Oz screaming even now!).

Sonicwall has worked well where I've used it.

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First of all

by Oz_Media In reply to VPN Appliance

Are you running Border Manager? That should give them the rights/network folder views needed.

I have also set up a NW5.1 server VPN with a cheap ($100) Linksys VPN router and all folders were visible, it worked great but not the BEST router.

Have you thought about getting your NW version up to date? The new NW and especially GroupWise are much more "VPN friendly" than 4.11 not to mention FAR more robust and offering a great feature set.

I assume you have the latest NWClients installed for the remote workers?

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by Bratt In reply to First of all

No we are not running Border Manager. We are going to eventually upgrade our network most likely to Microsoft. We are running 4.83 with service pack 1 for the client. What VPN - Firewall would you suggest and do you have any hands on experience with the SoniWall TZ170?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Answers

Why anyone would downgrade one of the most stable NOS's for a MS headache is beyond me. I have swapped out more than my fair share of shops moving the OTHER way but not too many seemto be going TO Microsoft. I suppose it is more comon in the US where MS dominates computing. If you look at some of the largest companies in the world, they have been switching FROM MS to Netware as it has proven itself as more affordable, more stable, less maintenance and more secure/less hacked.

I would say that if YOU are the main tech there, run screaming from the whole idea, you will double if not triple your workload and the stress level will go up tenfold.

MAny people choose to follow the masses, but instead of looking at the LOCAL masses, look at what the rest of the world is doing. Russian government, German government, Canadian Government, Air Canada, Royal Bank, etc. ALL switched fromMS to Novell recently. IF anything, I would suggest getting into Novel Linux, now THERE's strability and MASSIVE cost savings, and I mean MASSIVE!!! For a better platform? Not much of a decision fro most companies.

In order to properly secure and protect your current network you should definitely utilize Border manager, even if just for the encyption.

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netware is a dying beast

by secure_lockdown In reply to BOOOOO

Most people I know are moving from Novell Netware/NDS to Microsoft/AD.

There are some - hardcore Netware shops - that are looking at migrating to Novell Linux - but it's just still too new. I think too many are a little worried about long term. I can see why and agree with them.

A big CLM ("career limiting move") is steering your company into a long term IT solution into uncharted waters. Novell & Linux are uncharted waters - IMO. I do not want to be in your shoes if Novell casually decide to drop linux for whatever reason.

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Wow you again!

by Oz_Media In reply to netware is a dying beast

YOu just don't give up on your narrow mindset do you. Firstly, you MUST be north american as many people such as yourself feel the same way, in North America.

You say Novell is dead, nobody is switching to Linux due to fear of the unknown. Well I personally have switched 4 offices LAST year. They all wonder why they never dumped MS years ago, they have fewer problems and invested a fraction of teh money for Novell. It is a business decision, not what their friends say.

Dead and dying...
"Novell is the world's leading provider of Linux and open source software from the server to the desktop."

Actually, Novell has shown incredible growth over the past two years. NW and now NWLinux have been such a mssive boost for Novell it isn't funny. They have shown the largest profits and quarterly sales in their history over the last 18 months. It is HUGE, and growing, not dying.

AD compared to NDS is a reasonable facsimilie at best, NW will outserve MS products any day of the week without a hiccup, nobody has EVER equalled Novell's ability to manage HUGE numbers of users simultaneously. Linux has simply added to the security and stability that has made Netware one of the most stable and secure NOS's ever built.

If Neovell is such a dying ship, your may want to forward your market research onto HP and IBM, they have both signed deals with Novell to supply NWLinux Kernel based servers over te last year. Much of their R&amp is being sunk into an ever increasing demand from their customers to provide NWLinux compliant servers.


"Novell is the world's leading provider of Linux and open source software from the server to the desktop."

Yeah a sinking ship! Better cash in your stocks before they bottom out!

My question to you Mr.Doom and Gloom, this is the second tme you have made an absurd statement based on NO fact or market research at all, how do you come up with it?

Do you just sit back and wait for something you can disagree with without any knowledge or proof to support your comments? The more outrageous and unqualified the better?

Try removing your Gates goggles and actually LOOKING at what is going on. Look at Novell's website and have a read, then look at market research and have another read, THEN you may be able to formulate a somewhat qualified opinion.

NOW, finally...go back to my post and read how I have explained that MS still has the leading edge in North America and how NW is being picked up en mass around the world.

Instead of offering ebarrassingly unqualifed comments, try reading first,

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Oz - what is your feakin' problem?

by secure_lockdown In reply to Wow you again!

the guy already said he doesn't really want a linux solution. so shut up and help him if thats what you are here for.

here is some research. but as all research, i am sure you can find contradictory ones. but what ever....

"NetWare, the network operating system from the Provo, Utah-based company, has been losing market share for years. According to the Framingham, Mass.-based research firm International Data Corp., Novell slipped from providing 19% of the new licenses shipped in 1999 to 11% in 2001. Though IDC has not yet made figures available for 2002, Al Gillen, a research director for the company, said that last year's numbers followed a similar trend. In that same period, rival Microsoft Corp. increased its market share from 37% to 49%.

"Novell has been marginalized to the point of irrelevance," said Laura DiDio, a senior analyst with the Boston-based research firm Yankee Group. ",289142,sid7_gci919030,00.html?Exclusive=True

as far as everyone going novell linux. novell will tell you you look like brad pitt if it will help them sell you something. i am not seeing a lot of interest. i went to a recent novell sponsored conference where most of the people were netware shops - and most of them did not make a decision yet. as i stated earlier - novell have a habit of starting something and not following through with it (remember wordperfect?!?).

nuff said...

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Mind if I butt in here?

by house In reply to Oz - what is your feakin' ...

I wouldn't move into the original Netware versions either, although, I've heard nothing but good things about the new NOS that combines NW and Linux. Depending on the company in question, it might be all they need. Novell products are easier to "set it and forget it". It will also save them time and money, so long as they aren't planning on integrating too much with MS (servers).

On another note, Linux, Unix, Solaris, blah, blah, is not for a weak, or even average, IT structure at all. There is more information and support in the Microsoft world, but that doesn't make it a superior product. I would prefer to suggest and impliment *nix networks, but my strength lies with MS. I am on the road to correcting this personal flaw of mine. Everyone else should too, if they want to stay competitive in the IT world.

PS - Most people I know are moving to MS AD as well. That doesn't mean that it is the best choice, though, perhaps on the support front, it is the easiest choice.

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