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By mirajik ·
Hi Team,
I am working in social outreach program with five branches across the country and the headquarter which is located in the capital.
My boss wants to set up a sort of private network, in order to streamline the information flow between the branches and headquarter. Currently the information/report relies on emails and sometimes courier services(for distributing large volume of data via CDs and external HDDs). We want to change for the better.
The requirement is, we need a sort of VPN to incorporate file sharing, a central database and intranet. I have been tasked to supervise the implementation. All the branches have internet access, though not connected to the same ISP. Depending on the location and service available, some use broadband, some VSAT and other 3G/GPRS mobile access. Can somebody give me an overview of a setup and its requirements.

Your assistance will be highly appreciated.


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Depends on hardware

by oldbaritone In reply to VPN Assistance

but in general, the ISP/data carrier is transparent at the VPN layer; by then, it's just a connection between tunneled IP addresses. Software and hardware setup is usually manufacturer-specific.

On the implementation side, after the VPN is established, file sharing just involves making sure the appropriate ports are open in the firewall. Then just open the files.

Another option you might want to consider, depending on the amount of data to be shared, is data replication. It might be more efficient to have a local copy of the data at the branches, to minimize unnecessary data transmission; as data is updated, the updates are replicated to other locations by the servers. That also gives the advantage that the branches could run offline in the event of an interruption.

Good luck.

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Senario questions...see them a lot on tests...

by CG IT In reply to VPN Assistance

your to supervise the implementation.. so how'd you get the job to supervise if you don't know how "it" works?

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by mirajik In reply to Senario questions...see t ...

Within the project I am relatively more conversant with IT. To supervise means I had to seek the appropriate contractor for the undertaking.
I posted the question here because I need to know what are we up to. It is generally a norm to some contractor to stuff you with so much hardware than you reasonably need. The knowledge I will get out of this post will give me much needed insight, especially when choosing what contractor to take.

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