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VPN Autoconnection

By fcoates ·
I will briefly describe my setup. We are using a POS system which is client/server based. We are in the process of configuring the system to accept credit cards. However, the vendor has not builtin any encryption between a client and server. Being in a university environment and not a single restaraunt the vendor has not considered this scenario. So here exists the problem. There is no encryption between the client and server when a credit card transaction takes place. In working with the engineering department the only cost effective solution we could implement was a PPTP VPN connection between the server and the clients and then firewall each device and filter the ports being used. The small issue I have is trying to get the VPN connection to reestablish in the event the POS is rebooted. I cannot rely on an end user/cashier to remember to reconnect the VPN connection upon a reboot. Is there anyone that may be able to provide an idea how a VPN connection can take place automatically when the client is rebooted? I searched Microsoft and Techrebulic but I cannot seem to find any documents detailing such a thing. I realize that this is not the norm of making a VPN connection but I think based on the situation I need to make sure this is automated.


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VPN Autoconnection

by quintar51 In reply to VPN Autoconnection

Locate the Dial-Up connection you created for PPP over Ethernet, right-click it and select Properties. Select the Options tab and clear all checkboxes under Dialing options. Under Redialing options, set Idle time before hanging up: to never and check the Redial if line is dropped checkbox.
Click OK to save the changes.
Now click the Start button, select Settings then Control Panel to open the Control Panel window.
In the Control Panel window, double-click Scheduled Tasks.
In the Scheduled Tasks window, double-click Add Scheduled Task.
On the welcome screen of the Scheduled Task Wizard, click Next.
At the program selection step, click Browse... and browse to your WINNT\System32 directory
Type RASPHONE.EXE (note the spelling!) in the File name: edit box or locate it in the directory and select it and click Open.
Make up a name for this task and under Perform this task: select When my computer starts. Click Next.
Enter your password. Note: The task must be run under the same account which the dial-up entry was created under.
At the final step, make sure that Open advanced properties for this task when I click finish is checked and click Finish.
In the advanced properties, edit the Run: edit box and append the
command-line parameters " -d "Connection Name"".
Go to the Settings tab and clear all checkboxes on that page.
Click OK to close the task's properties.
Finally, you need to make a little registry change to prevent Windows from disconnecting when a user logs on and off again:
Run REGEDIT and navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Then right-click the right-hand pane, select New -> String Value, name the value KeepRasConnections and set it to 1.

Reboot. Windows will establish the connection automatically and keep it until you shut the machine down.

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VPN Autoconnection

by fcoates In reply to VPN Autoconnection

This is very good information and thanks for your help. However, it doesn't exactly work as described but it could be something I missed. Essentially these steps are doing the same as if I addded the connection shortcut to the startup of the machine. I am using W2K advanced server and W2K professional based POS's. When I setup the RAS per your instructions I still get the Popup window waiting for me to click the connect button. I figured from your instructions that the connection would be established upon bootup. It seems like there is just one step missing to have the "connect" button on the popup window to be responded to....any other options to try?

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