VPN Beetwen linksys RV042 and BEFSX41

By skywalker80 ·
I have problem creating Tunnel beetwen two linksys routers, RV042 (with public IP), and BEFSX41 (with dynamic IP, dyndns).

On RV042:
I create gateway to gateway tunnel,
Local Group Setup - IP only (public ip)
Local Security Group Type - Subnet, IP adress (Local LAN where RV042 -
Remote Group Setup - dynamicIP with domain name
doamin name:
Remote Security Group Type - Subnet, IP adress
(Local LAN where BEFSX41 -

IPSec Setup

IKE with preshared key
phaze 1 and phaze 2 Group1/DES/MD5
Perfect Forward Secrecy - checked
Advanced - Agressive mode checked


VPN Tunnel name: same on RV042
Local Secure Group: Subnet -IP adress (Local LAN where BEFSX41 -
Remote Secure Group:Subnet- IP adress (Local LAN where RV042 -
Remote Security Gateway: IP adress - (public IP of the RV042)
IPSec Setup - same as on RV042

IPSec Pass Through :Enable
PPTP Pass Through :Enable
L2TP Pass Through :Enable

I tryed to connect from BEFSX41, but with no effect, even with different IPSEc setup.

I think it could be problem with port forwarding,
I forwarded, on both routers, all ports that have some link with IPSEC tunnel connection(UDP 500,1701,4500; TCP 50,51,1723,443,47,1792). I forward that ports to local IP adress belong to RV042( and BEFSX41 (,
but with no effect

If anybody can tell what could be problem, i suppose that when i make tunnel, every PC that have gateway RV042 or BEFSX41 on the other side, can communicate, as same as OPEN VPN provide.

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