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vpn between 2 locations

By newwithnetworks ·
Hello everyone,
our company has a leased line between our two offices ( 2 different cities). The thing is that it is way too expensive and really not needed anymore. We just want to share emails. We have 2 exchange servers with the primary one being on site A. We used to need the leased line bc we had to share files, use erp, etc. Now site B has only 8 users. The only thing we want to share is email. How can i manage to keep our email up and running on both sites without the leased line? We have cisco routers on both sides, and a symantec gateway also. I think that regarding hardware we are ok. Both sides have adsl connection and a static ip. My guess is that a vpn could work. The question is how. Is there much programming needed? I ask that since everything (concerning our mail servers, the connection between them) is already set up.
Thank you all

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SonicWall Appliances

by dafutzyak In reply to vpn between 2 locations

I would recommend installing a SonicWall at each end. Not knowing the size of your installations, it might be that a TZ 210 will fill your needs.

Although your Cisco routers can probably be used, the SonicWall appliances have a number of benefits. They are not, though, a plug and play device.


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by newwithnetworks In reply to SonicWall Appliances

thanks for your reply, could you be a little more specific? Why would you suggest a sonicwall and u mean to replace our cisco routers with it or add it also behind them?

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