VPN can't connect remotely from home

By matthew ·
Have Windows 2003 server at office.

At home, the VPN does not connect to the server at my office The error message I receive says the path is not found.

However, I can connect to the server from home using Remote Desktop Software.

Is this a firewall issue?

Any solutions?


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Which VPN?

by Johnson.Charles.C In reply to VPN can't connect remotel ...

What VPN are you speaking of? Software? Or the MS VPN? The more info, the better the answers. :-)
VPNs require syncing at both ends (meaning the tunnel specs), whereas Remote Desktop (RDP) only has to have a port (3389) and an IP address.

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by matthew In reply to Which VPN?


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VPN from other location

by bsmith523 In reply to VPN can't connect remotel ...

It could be your ISP at home is blocking the port for VPN. It could also be your home router. Some wireless Linksys routers have been known to block VPN access too when connected through the wireless setting. If this is your situation, try a wired connection and see if that helps.

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ISP is blocking it

by matthew In reply to VPN from other location

Yes, I just discovered this weekend that Comcast is blocking all VPN until and unless one pays for an additional charge, which is about double their monthly fee, for use of VPN at home.
Thanks for everyone's assistance.

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VPN Remote Access

by variek In reply to VPN can't connect remotel ...

Maybe your using not proper <a href="">vpn service</a> try to use different vpn service. and you can chose it by <a href="">Best VPN Service</a> try....................

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VPN Service

by variek In reply to VPN can't connect remotel ...

now try to change your vpn connection like i am using

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