vpn cant map network drives

By shady108 ·
VPN firewall router is

local address of this device is

Can connect over the VPN to this ok

cant ping servers my name only ip

our local dns is setup on

is this a dns issue?

client pcs are XP Pro....

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Could use a little more detail

by mlee In reply to vpn cant map network driv ...

I think you have a DNS server at the other end of the tunnel or this suppose to be just a branch office?

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by shady108 In reply to Could use a little more d ...

this is our main office .. our internal dns is ......... the users at home connect to the vpn using netgears client. They connect to xx.xx.xx.147 (which is the wan address of the firewall/vpn local address is now they can ping servers by ip address but not by name which means we cant map network drives either. We want to map \\srv-ad\cds . because the firewall/vpn is on another subnet to our dns, do we have to set uop a static route from the vpn/firewall to the dns server? or is there another way roudn this/

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the quickest thing

by mlee In reply to :)

would be to map by using ip instead of name. I've got a nas box running Samba OS that it was just easier to map by ip. If it's only a few clients and the machine that you want to connect doesn't change IP you could creat a host file. I'm assuming that the client's are on the subnet? Is there reason for the multi subnets (size, security)? I'm not familiar with the netgear client setup, but i did find the KB article that might be something to check out

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

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by shady108 In reply to the quickest thing

not sure why there are different subnets am new to the company so still learning the setup! the vpn/firewall is and the dns server is on which i believe is causing all the problems! tried mapping drives by ip but the drives are on the dns server on a different subnet. Think what im going to do is move the vpn/firewall onto and dns to reconfigure the network so the gateways and dns have been updated to the new ips, and hopefully that will resolve our problems?

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that's the best route

by mlee In reply to thanks:)

That would be the route I went in...Good Luck!

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change of plan!

by shady108 In reply to vpn cant map network driv ...

been over ruled by IT manager doesnt want to change ip addresses etc ...

have been given an old netgear ssl vpn concentrator(ssl312) which we will use to do all the vpn stuff. The ip of this is --- this connects between the firewall(netgear fvx53 ip

now i have set up routing so the firewall diverts vpn connections into the ssl312 and setup the ssl312.... in the ssl i have set the dns to which is our dns server, do i now need to also setup a route in the ssl312 to route to the dns server? or will it already be able to see the dns server as i specified the address? i also added in the host table in the ssl312 srv-ad which is the name of our server.............

[ FVX-538 ]
I [DNS server]
[switch]------------[ ]
--------------------- I { LAN }
[SSL312 - ] ---{ }

thats the basic setup of our network any help would be appreciated!

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by shady108 In reply to vpn cant map network driv ...

wait a min what if i put this ssl312 on the same subnet as the dns server... then surely i only have to change my routing from the ssl to the firewall????

if my firewall is on (

and i put the SSL onto

what would be the routing settings i need?

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