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VPN- can't see the remote

By casper ·
I have a NT 4.0 server and RAS configured with 1 pptp-vpn outgoing line with TCP as the only outgoing protocol. The internet access is though an ADSL- router.(open on port 1723)

I then make a RAS connection to a WIN2k pro. The machine is a PDC

The WIN2k machine is configured for incoming connections-VPN. The Internet Access is though a Zyxel Gateway with all incoming traffic on port 1723 directed to the Win2k-machine LAN Address ( The machine is in a workgroup with the same name as the remote NT 4.0 network.

I configured the incoming line to give vpn-clients addresses from, and gave access permission to the same administrator as on the NT machine.

When I connect from the NT machine logs on and is given the virtuel network address and the the WIN2k machine OK, so far so good.


I can?t see the other machine nor can I ping the other machine .

What is wrong, please help

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Similar Problem

by techshoot In reply to VPN- can't see the remote

I am connecting to a Windows NT4 domain which has a Cisco 827 ADSL router from my home Windows NT4 domain. A Windows 98 VPN makes the trip fine but my Windows 2000 connects but cannot see any devices.

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similar problem

by yeyog In reply to Similar Problem

I have the same problem. I'm using microsoft's vpn to access my network remotely. The internet access is provided by a router cisco 2600. I have no problem's accessing and pinging the servers when connecting from windows 98, but if I use windows 2000 the connection is established, yet I cannot ping any of the servers within the remote LAN.

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