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VPN Client (Co-existence)

By alic.chowdhury ·
We have need to make VPN connection from same client using Cisco VPN and Mobile User VPN (Watchguard). Is there anyway for the two VPN clients to co-exist?

Thanks very much.


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by rhantson In reply to VPN Client (Co-existence)

You can use several VPN clients on the same workstation... I AM, of course, assuming that you are not trying to connect to both at the same time however... if that is the case, NO... it wouldn't be considered secure...

But if you are using them at seperate times, then by all means, install as many as you want...

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by andyjg247 In reply to VPN Client (Co-existence)

From memory they clash, if thats correct I usually find it easier to change both services to manaual (cisco is "Cisco Systems, Inc. VPN Service" not sure on the watchguard). Then just start the service required when you want to use either vpn.

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by Zen37 In reply to VPN Client (Co-existence)

There are situations where you cannot have two clients on the same machine. This is generally due to the fact that one VPN application changes a Windows file and the second VPN application changes the same Windows file, nullifiying the changes the first application made.

For those cases, i use VMWare and install one VPN client on one instance and the second client on another.

To my knowledge, you cannot use two different clients at the same time. For security reasons.

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by zaferus In reply to VPN Client (Co-existence)

As VPN's use a "shim" into the TCP/IP stack, this pipe is specific to the VPN software installed on the system (as the software installs the shim) and you cannot have 2 on the same OS.

However, create a 2nd partition, install another OS copy there for your 2nd VPN client software. Link the My Documents folders and create a boot menu for the user. This is how we circumvent this problem.

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by scott In reply to VPN Client (Co-existence)

Agree with could however use the Cisco VPN client for one connection and PPTP VPN to the WatchGuard (not at the same time), PPTP is obviously not as secure as using IPsec but you can use both VPN connection types on the same client.

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by Ocean1 In reply to VPN Client (Co-existence)

You can have them coexist but not use them at the same time....

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by Ocean1 In reply to VPN Client (Co-existence)

You can have them coexist but, not use them at the same time....

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VPN Client co-existence .. NO problem at all

by fawadnoorkhan In reply to VPN Client (Co-existence)

Check the following link from Cisco..

VPN Client to Accomodate Third-Party Client Software Configuration Example**86a00805858be.shtml

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