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    vpn client connected but can’t


    by jnetime ·

    vpn client connected to server (sbs’03)
    cannot open folders on the server, cannot map a drive to folders (shared)
    I can ping the servers fixed IP address and I can see the Users file under the network connection place, but I cannot open it. tells me that network path not found or I don’t have permission to open it, but I am signed on as Administrator.

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      by underground_in_tn ·

      In reply to vpn client connected but can’t

      I had the same problem when my ISP started assigning dynamic class B private IP addresses to its DSL users, rather than giving us static, public IP addresses. The private IP address will not be routed by the Internet’s backbone routers, even across a VPN connection. This means that while you appear to be connected to your server, and your login validated, no other packets will be routed to your server, leaving you unable to talk with your network.

      You need to find out what IP address your machine or home network’s router is being assigned to the outside world. If it is inside the class A private IP range 10.x.x.x, or the class B private range 172.16.x.x – 172.31.x.x, or class C 192.168.0.x – 192.168.255.x, then that’s your problem. You’ll probably have to pay your ISP extra to assign you a static, public IP address.

      Hope this helps.

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      Reply To: vpn client connected but can’t

      by jnetime ·

      In reply to vpn client connected but can’t

      Lack of info on my part
      Server has a dedicated static sbc, dsl line. sbs’03 only 1 NIC. sitting behind a netopia router. From ISP
      the remote office has a dynamic dsl connection. we brought the remote computer to the main office and did the connection manager while connected to the server. took back to remote office, “connect to small busines server” connects and has activity, but I cannot access company web page or users shared folders. I have the remote office router in DMZ mode at the moment, no help.
      Server has a remote computer logged in but I cannot access anything from remote???
      I can connect from my laptop which is running W2K.
      Any other suggestions?

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