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Greetings all, i am a network/systems administrator for a multimedia company. we have over 800 clients we support. our setup is easy, i have a content server at every site, and we connect to them via a windows server vpn client. some of my sites, i have other network devices that i need to access from home base that are on the same subnet as the vpn client's ip. no matter what i can always see the server from home base, some sites i can see the other devices, other stores i can. all my sites connect through 1 of 2 cisco 2900 routers. can anyone lead me i the right direction to pinpoint the problem? thanks.

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by StealthWiFi In reply to VPN Client Routing

Is the Windows VPN server dolling out the IP's itself our forwarding it on to a DHCP server of sorts to handle it?

Example: Network segment is assigns VPN server is and and you are when connected via VPN. In this case you should be able to see server but perhaps not other devices when you are 11.0... and they are 10.0...

When you say "see" do you mean you can ping it successfully without dropped packets?

Might be a firewall rule in effect stopping you from seeing certain devices. Might also be permissions.

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VPN server or client?

by bens In reply to VPN IP's

I thought he said it was a windows VPN client? Like the standard PPTP VPN you create through the 'new connection wizard'. That sounds like another question though, what are we VPN'ing into? The Cisco or a VPN server with IAS?

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