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VPN Client setup with a New Linksys N VPN Router

By Leslie The Computer Lady ·
Here's my problem. I have setup a VPN Router at the office and entered a login name and password. The office is setup with DSL. All computers in the network are functional and sharing files. IN the office.
I have installed the Client software on my home computer and am passing through a Linksys G router. I have set the G router to start assigning ip address at (example only) so as not to conflict with any ip address at work.
The Client software sometimes get's stuck at veryfing network and goes no further. Sometimes it connects completely but I cannot view shared files on the office network in order to map a network drive to the software I need to access.


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Not as lucky as you so NO, NO, NO!!!!

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to VPN Client setup with a N ...

"Now we don't have the stress of a Big Boss hanging over us and people are incredible kind and thankful when we finish a job instead of being taken for granted. We can also take time off when WE WANT to not when a Company says we can."

Try your rule base for the VPN??

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Be Nice Now

Oh come on now, be nice to the old lady that is at least trying to set an example for her age group.
Can you explain Rule Base for me????
Never been down this road before and it has been quite and interesting trip.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Be Nice Now

Rule base - www.google.com

rule base

- In the context of a computer server acting as a firewall, a rule base is a set of rules that govern what is and what is not allowed through the firewall. A rule base can work in one of two ways: it can either explicitly assume that all traffic is allowed unless there is a rule to prevent it, or, more typically, it can assume that no traffic may flow through it unless there is an explicit rule to allow it. Rule bases usually work on a top-down principle in which the first rule in the list is acted upon first, so that traffic allowed by the first rule, will never be judged by the remainder of the rules. Rule bases typically have the format of SOURCE / DESTINATION / SERVICE / ACTION.

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Thank You

by Leslie The Computer Lady In reply to ...

Thank you for being so helpful. After setting up the office so I could access it over the weekend, an employee decided to shut the server down for the weekend. argh. So I played all weekend. Shopping for Christmas. Hope you have a Good Christmas!!!!

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No Help From Linksys

by Leslie The Computer Lady In reply to Thank You

Not only did this employee shut the server down!!!!!!!!!!! They also went in and edited the Network group name, the computer name and changed everything. So I have spent at least a week straightening these things out.
H E L P me Jesus. If I could stop someone from changing everything that I do on this job, I might be able to finish.

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