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    VPN Connected but cant see server


    by kurt.foster ·

    I have a client connected to our VPN, they used the same standard VPN settings that I have provided to all of our other users. They can ping the server using the IP address but for some reason when they attempt to connect through Windows Explorer it says it gives the “windows cannot find \\IP Address\. Check the spelling and try again, or try searching for the item by clicking the start button and then clicking search” error. Everything looks fine, I don’t get it, I have about 5 other people using the same settings. The only thing that looks odd is that her adsl router has an IP of which is the same as our internal firewall address. also the subnet mask of the vpn connection if

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      by kurt.foster ·

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      subnet mask

      by cg it ·

      In reply to VPN Connected but cant see server mask doesn’t provide any host bits.

      the private address doesn’t play a role in VPN connections. It is a non routable address.

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      Cause: NetBIOS

      by dusk ·

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      This is standard NetBIOS issue, there must be configured to allow to use NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Best practice is to combine it with WINS, because it is manageable. When you do not have NetBIOS enabled, browser service will not be obtained, so you will not be allowed to use names. DNS can be used only in case of presence of domain suffix and primary client’s DNS synchronized with domain controller’s DHCP database and you still cannot use Windows Browsing service without NetBIOS enabled. Be carefull about firewals or VPN gateway settings so they allow to transfer these protocols trough. I hope this helps.

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      Any status?

      by tom.edukonis ·

      In reply to VPN Connected but cant see server

      I am having an identical problem and could use some help. Thanks

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      a similar problem

      by mahmoudterzaki35 ·

      In reply to VPN Connected but cant see server

      In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

      I had a similar problem and found the solution thanks God.

      In the Client connection settings:

      The solution is to clear the default gateway of the VPN connection.

      Cause the problem was that it took itself as the default gateway preventing itself from asking the ISA server (Or any other firewall or VPN server you have) to route its’ traffic through the routing rule in the ISA bet. VPN clients and internal network.

      We do this by:

      RC the VPN connection, networking, Internet Protocol TCP/IP, advanced, clear the check box (use default gateway on remote network).

      Hope this solves the issue for you too.


      Note: My problem was that i even couldn’t ping, it was solved and the client can access the share.

      Referring to the last post, it may be the specific issue is a firewall policy rule that allows all outbound traffic bet. VPN client and internal network.

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      same subnet might be a problem

      by hbartlett ·

      In reply to VPN Connected but cant see server

      Hey Kurt,

      Did you figure this out? The fact that her home network uses the same subnet as the remote network may be problematic, but I’m more interested in the fact that you can ping the server but Windows Explorer tells you it can’t find it. Did you figure anything out?


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        by thevirtualone ·

        In reply to same subnet might be a problem

        if the VPN server is issuing ip addresses that are the same as the current assignment on any machine it will cause malfunctions for the connecting client. Its CONFUSED.

        You must change the ip range on the remote network before the remote machine will be able to connect to your network without using a client is for a host entry and should not be used.

        Netbios is an issue but if you scan the network for the rest of the ip range you will find that with appropriate access rights that you can access the machines directly.

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