VPN Connection by client that are remote users.

By dduck10 ·
I have just reinstalled SBS2003 dual Nics and ISA server. I am getting the error 800 when I try to connect the clients to the machine to gain access to files and email. Is there a white paper or something that for once and for all explans HOW TO SET THIS UP!!!!!. I have read my help files and books I bought. They all just give little or no info as to HOW step by step. Is this a microsoft conspericy to get up to pay the $247.00 to get this done. Please Help. Thank You

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by CG IT In reply to VPN Connection by client ...

did you run the remote access wizard from the To Do list?

Did you run the ISA check list from ISA management to make sure Remote Access has been setup and the proper filters created?

What security group does the clients belong to? Since your using ISA server, it has it's own security group users must belong to for remote Access.

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