VPN connection issue

By can2000 ·
Good morning IT people!

Based on link:

I have setup a VPN server (windows XP Pro) at home. In office, I can connect my home VPN without any problem. However, once I get connected, my work PC's internet connection (like office outlook, Yahoo messenger, MSN) all get broken, and wouldn't be accessed any more.
Would anyone please help me out?
Many thanks!

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Split tunneling

by Fregeus In reply to VPN connection issue

sounds to me like you have split tunneling disable, which is more secure, but once the VPN is activated all "Local" services are inaccessible.

If you want to have access to both, you need split tunneling enable.


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Thanks for the tip and make me google.

by can2000 In reply to Split tunneling
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VPN got disconnected from time to time, and RDP window pops up issue

by can2000 In reply to Thanks for the tip and ma ...

After uncheck "use default gateway on remote network", I can access both network now.
However, a new problem comes out: the VPN connection got disconnected after a few minutes (from 10 to 60 minutes roughly).
Would anyone please tell me how to fix it?

Also, since I use RDP to connect most of time while I am working in local machine, the RDP windows (along with the remote PC's destop window) pops up every time when the VPN connection drops. Is there any way to disable the remote desktop window pops up?

Many thanks!

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FIrst part

by Fregeus In reply to VPN got disconnected from ... inactivity timeout. Look for that option on either your client and/or VPN concentrator. Again, its more secure if you keep it to 10, 15 mins. If you need to turn it off, there aught to be a way.

For the second part, sorry, I can't help you there. Don't know the application.


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