VPN Connection Problem

By matthew.leggett ·
Hi there!

I am looking at setting up a VPN connection for my business network.

Currently we have a server with two network cards, one is connected to a switch that connects to all other clients, another is connected directly to a Netgear VPN firewall router DG834.

I wish to connect to the server as well as one of our clients. It is my understanding that the connection to the server and client will be negotiated by the server itself, which is acting as a DHCP server.

I am at a stand still with creating a VPN policy on our router to connect a remote PC using a usb modem. I am using a pre-shared key and providing the connection with a valid username and password whilst also inclduing the doamin in the attempted connection.

I get no response from the VPN connection and see little progress, do i need to configure any firewall software to allow a VPN connection?

Any tips or pointers will be much help, as i have a basic understanding of how this is meant to work.

Thanks for your help all


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Well knowing which server OS would be of some help

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to VPN Connection Problem

It would be of some assistance knowing what Firewall you are using to.

But first things first. The very first thing you need to do is make sure that your home computer is both clean, has the same security that is on the business system and can not be accessed by anyone else or it can become a gateway directly into your Internal LAN and allow infections to be imported in and your entire LAN to become a Zombie under someone Else's control. I once saw a Small Business system being used to download a movie and the damages to that company where horrendous as they where held libel for the Copyright Breach even though they had nothing to do with it other then through poor security allowing someone to use their system. They even got to pay for the Excess usages fees for their ISP which amounted to thousands of Gigabytes.

Once you have the security fixed you can find the directions for setting up a VPN with M$ products here


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Good point!

by matthew.leggett In reply to Well knowing which server ...

Thats a good point, perhaps a few specifics would be helpful. We are currently using windows small business server 2003, and norton client security, installed on all systems inclduing the remote client.

I have been told that a lot of the problem can be from the VPN router? I am quite sure i have configured it correctly as far as that the information is accurate on both sides.

Thanks for your help so far!


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This is directly from the M$ Tech Net Web Site on VPN's

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Good point!

If you need to know any more just post back.



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