VPN Connection slows the PC down

By I_M_Dougie ·
I have a few external users connecting with simple VPN connections. One specific user (probably more than one, but only one complains) is having issues with her PC running very slow while the VPN is connected.

I have a feeling it is due to the VPN connection using the DNS and internet pipe through the VPN connection instead of using the PC settings.

Can someone help me change the R&RA properties to change how this works (Windows 2003, standard)?

I am looking though google and but I can't seem to get the right keywords in to find what I need.



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by TechExec2 In reply to VPN Connection slows the ...

"One specific user (probably more than one, but only one complains) is having issues with her PC running very slow while the VPN is connected."

What is running slow? MS Word and other locally loaded programs? Internet Explorer?

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Outlook and IE basically.

by I_M_Dougie In reply to Question

But "My COmputer" has a delay coming up as well. I've done all the temp file clean up and spyware/virus removal, but it just doesn't seem to want to speed up.

I just found out, however, Qwest (DSL provider) may be having issues with construction in the area, so I am keeping an eye on that.

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Sounds Normal

by jszivos In reply to Outlook and IE basically.

Let's be honest. VPN is finicky. It isn't very fast, the network data is being relayed over the internet. It sounds completely normal for slow Internet Explorer and Outlook to load slowly. My Computer could be loading slow if you have any networked drives for the user.

I wouldn't ignore this problem. Keep an eye on it. Try to get her to document when its the worst so you have a baseline of problems. I'd check the VPN logs to see how many users are on. I've heard of VPN users bogging down the entire network infrastructure (not entirely sure if I believe the guy who said this because he couldn't explain how or why).

You could do something really redundant and VPN into the network from work. Thats what I do when I troubleshoot VPN problems for users. If it works at work then its obviously something wrong with their connection at home (or where ever).

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by jeffrey In reply to VPN Connection slows the ...

HI can you help on how did you set up your VPN I am really having trouble in setting up my VPN are you using 2003 server or a VPN router

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VPN Connection slow down can overcome

by rajendrapoudel In reply to VPN Connection slows the ...

When client's connect to VPN server it automatically makes the slow down of internet. Because it is the feature of VPN technology so it can provide the wide range of bandwidht. Although you can overcome this trouble. Simply you need to overright the connection of PC by VPN connection. I am not sure which product you are using. If you are using PacketiX VPN then this feature you can get.
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