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VPN connection through Linksys Router

By bmixon ·
I have a Linksys Router Model BEFSR41 that I use at home and it work great and I have no problems with it. I now need to access work via VPN. I have Cisco Systems VPN 3000 client (version 2.52) installed on my Dell Laptop that I use at home with my Linksys router. I can not get a connection going thru the Linksys router, but if I connect my laptop directly to my cable modem and try the VPN software I can make a connection with no problem. When I connect everything back to the Linksys Routerit will not connect. I know it has to be some setting that I need to change. I have read the manual and tried changing various setting to no avail. I also know a few other individuals that have a Linksys router using the VPN client (same client version 2.52) and they are having the same problems trying to connect . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Nortells vpn over linksys box

by jgale In reply to VPN connection through Li ...

We have several people including myself that uses our Nortel VPN client over the linksys router boxes with no problem. I have helped with setup of several and cannot think of anything special. Side note.... we are being questioned by our security folk if the linksys boxes offer enough security for our remote users. Have you had this dicussion yet?

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Security Issue

by bmixon In reply to Nortells vpn over linksys ...

We have not had the security discussions but that is always a concern. If the Linksys router is setup properly it creates a firewall to protect your home network from outside intruders. What issues are you familar with.

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VPN connection through Linksys Router

by bburns In reply to VPN connection through Li ...

I had a similar situation with my Linksys router (same one) and a different Cisco client(Dell laptop too!). The issue was that the bios version of the router was not yet compatable with IPSEC used to authenticate between the client PC and the home firewall. In my case, the firewall was a Cisco 2620 with firewall features. Linksys has updated their bios for your cable router. Make sure that you have updated it to the latest. In addition to the linksys bios issue I've found that the SMC cable router had the same problem until the bios was updated. So the issue is not exclusive to Linksys. I beleive the issue might be related to when a standard was setled on for IPSEC.


Brian Burns

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Linksys router bios updated

by bmixon In reply to VPN connection through Li ...

Brian: Thanks for posting a reply. I updated the bios today for my Linksys router. I still can't connect. Are they any special setting I should know about with the Linksys router. Thanks

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Linksys VPN

by mlynch In reply to Linksys router bios updat ...

I have a BEFSR41 and I VPN to a FireboxII firewall at work. Make sure that you have the PPTP & IpSec features enabled on the Linksys router. I've not had any trouble getting it to work on my system.

Mark Lynch

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No connection to VPN

by bmixon In reply to Linksys VPN

I tried your suggestion and enabled PPTP & IpSec on the Linksys router. Still no connection. Their must be something that I am missing in the setting. Should I have certain ports open on the router for this to work. I can's seem to ping the IP address of the VPN box at work or any IP address for that matter.

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no connection

by lpanagoulias In reply to VPN connection through Li ...

we have a cisco 2524 router to run SAP out and tried to connect linksys 4 port for cable modem but cant get the cable modem to work together with the other router when we put the gateways in. Anyone a little help?

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BEFSR41 Config for VPN

by jdoughtry In reply to VPN connection through Li ...

Be sure that in your Linksys gateway's advanced configuration that you have IPSEC Passthrough enabled.

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