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VPN Connection through Linksys Router

By bmixon ·
VPN connection through Linksys Router
I have a Linksys Router Model BEFSR41 that I use at home and it work great and I have no problems with it. I now need to access work via VPN. I have Cisco Systems VPN 3000 client (version 2.52) installed on myDell Laptop that I use at home with my Linksys router. I can not get a connection going thru the Linksys router, but if I connect my laptop directly to my cable modem and try the VPN software I can make a connection with no problem. When I connect everything back to the Linksys Router it will not connect. I know it has to be some setting that I need to change. I have read the manual and tried changing various setting to no avail. I also know a few other individuals that have a Linksys router using the VPN client (same client version 2.52) and they are having the same problems trying to connect. I also have upgraded the router with the latest firmware. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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VPN Connection through Linksys Router

by chico_f91 In reply to VPN Connection through Li ...

This is what I found from Linksys knowledgebase:

Yes, the Linksys Router will work with both of these provided that the following conditions are met:

The Cisco VPN client has an option to connect via NAT Transparency. This will work provided the network administrator has configured the VPN Server to allow such connections. Most versions of the server side program come with this already enabled.

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Check Port Filtering ...

by Follower1 In reply to VPN Connection through Li ...

You need to open up ports on your Linksys Router and Cisco Router. On the Linksys is easy, go to Filtering and enter the port numbers pointing to the Destination IP address, here are some port numbers:
Terminal Server 3389
GRE 47
Web 80

Let me know if you figured out.


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VPN behind 3Com LAN modem

by alma In reply to Check Port Filtering ...

Hi there!

I have a similar problem. I try to make VPN connection through 3Com LAN modem. (VPN server is behind LAN modem.) But I always get the same error message 628 - The port was disconnected. I've tried everything: changing modem settings, changing Remote access properties, disable IP filtering etc, but nothing! Please, if anyone could help me, I would be very grateful.


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