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By jgawphcom ·
hello, i would like to ask if i can setup VPN to our 2 office branches using DSL internet connection with DYNAMIC IP ADDRESS? I have purchased the CISCO 1710 Router with VPN, my next qeustion is if i have to need two CISCO 1710 router to setup VPN on our 2 offices... thanks

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by hitchcock4 In reply to VPN connection using Dyna ...

You will definitely need 2 Cisco routers (with the VPN option).

At one of our branch offices, we actually use a Cisco 1710 (no VPN option) with a "SonicWall Tele3" to establish the VPN at our main office.

In setting up 5 VPNs at remote offices, I have never been able to setup a VPN with a dynamic address. Although it may be possible, it just makes more sense to me to use a Static IP address.

Hope this helps.

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by hitchcock4 In reply to

BTW, I am strictly speaking of a site-to-site VPN between a branch office and another office.

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by JeremicaM In reply to VPN connection using Dyna ...

I am currently running into a wall with this too but I do have an answer for tracking your Dynamic IP. There are a number of Dynamic DNS services out there that will update DNS for you to a specific host for you. I use on their free service. As far as "does it work with VPN?" I do not have an answer yet. Hopefully soon we will both know, but YES there are websites that allow DYNDNS routing for free or a lil more for better service.

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by frosales In reply to VPN connection using Dyna ...

I have the solution for you. Setup Dynamic DNS host on Let's just call them site 1 and site 2. Download and install a DYNDNS client that updates the ip address of the router/gateway on a client computer on each network. Use 2 Linksys BEFSX41 to do a site to site VPN using fully qualified domain names. So the first router will have as the remote VPN server. The second router will have as the remote VPN Server. The client computers on each network will notify the DYNDNS dns servers of any ip address changes. Bam, your done. The routers cost about $70 each.

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by thangtt In reply to VPN connection using Dyna ...


is it possible to replace the two routers with two linux redhat9 boxes (the two linux has DSL link connects to 2 ISP)


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