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    VPN Connection with Secure Remote


    by mcse2kgrl ·

    Is anybody familiar how to configure setting properly to dail into a VPN with Secure Remote running Windows 2000 Server. I have a DSL Modem and share my static IP through a Linksys Router with a integrated Firewall. PPPoe is disabled and I am natting. Any thoughts?

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      same issue

      by mail ·

      In reply to VPN Connection with Secure Remote

      I am having hte same problem and have absolutely no idea of how to set this up; I found a discussion group on the web, but no on eexplains the first step clearly; i know is can be done though;
      the main problem I am having is getting Secure Remote to prompt me to authenticate to the firewall, and subsequently log into my 2000 domain; let me know if you find anything our;


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