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    VPN does not allow remote connections until first connected to from inside


    by davyjones74 ·


    I have recently set up a VPN connection to I can connect into the office server. The set up is a Draytek ADSL/Firewall which forwards the VPN ports to a Cisco PIX 501 where the connection needs to be established.

    When connecting from the remote computer I can see on the PIX (using the graph it function) that both the IKE Active and IPSec Active tunnels are created. However any attempt to RDP, ping etc from the remote fails unless I first establish a connection from the inside, such as ping the remotes address as assigned by the PIX. Once this is done I can remotely access/ping the server and areas which I have allowed access to.

    Now every new connection (from a different outside location) needs to be pinged before it can gain access through the vpn and once a new machine has access the machine that could connect perviously cannot connect anymore with resorting to the same ping cycle.

    If this makes sense to anyone please can you give me any advise?

    Thank you

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