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Vpn dropping periodically

By Alan4 ·
Hi,I am having trouble with my vpn connection it drops while running a application and even when not being used but connected.if you wait it will reconnect by itself, a real pain in the neck while working.vpn client is connected to a host pc which is logged into to a domain network through a windows server 2003.a secure gateway through a watchguard firewall,vpn tunnel using safenet soft remote.
If i connect to the server from a client i get no drops.I tested the internet connection by pinging a site with a load and no drops or errors the internet connection doesn't seem to be the problem and because the server connection does not have a problem the firewall vpn is ok. I am out of ideas,any help will be appreciated

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session limits as well as idle limits?

by CG IT In reply to Vpn dropping periodically ...

there are parameters that limit the amount of session time and idle time for remote access client.

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Time limits

by Alan4 In reply to session limits as well as ...

Sorry i have not responded sooner,I am having my people make note of the timing of the drop to see if there is a pattern that would indicate a limit. I will get back to you when i have the data. Thanks for the response,Alan

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Still an ongoing problem

by Alan4 In reply to Time limits

Well i don't think it is timing out,there isn't a pattern it seems to be eratic.I am starting to think it is my network switch, could this be possible. Thanks

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More information

by Alan4 In reply to session limits as well as ...

Ok,Pinging to the remote with a load to a remote work station last night and lost the connection after 10 minutes,A string of time outs then the connection drops, 2-3 minutes later the connection reconnects.
I tried pinging the server and i didn't get any lose connections but there were frequent timeouts just not all together. I looks like a timeout issue as CG Suggested but since i am new to this stuff can you provide some guidance.
Update- i decided to try pinging the work station again this morning and now i am getting no drops but intermittent timeouts. I am pulling my hair out trying to isolate the problem.

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