Vpn for data backup

By vibinjohn82 ·
i have two work sites and i have two buffalo terastations for storage ,but apart from this my manager wants this data to be backedup in some other place other than these sites,i was thinking about backing up data in my managers home on weekly basis using VPN ,will this work ,if so explain

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Yes it may work but there are security issues to consider

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vpn for data backup

Like who else has access to his computer when he's not there? Remember that it would need to be running 24/7 and you would need to secure it as well as the 2 sites.

And how strong a DR Plan does your manager want? Remember that a Localised Off Site Storage may not be sufficient in the event of inclement Weather conditions that take down the power for a protracted period of time, a flood could cause the total loss of everything or any other number of Natural Disasters could adversely impact on your ability to recover the data when it's needed.

What's wrong with coping the data to some kind of media like Tape, DVD or whatever maybe even a removable HDD and allowing someone to carry that around as some form of Off Site Storage though Personally I prefer to see these things locked away in a safe place Off Site it's not always necessary just having someone carry the Backup off site on a regular basis could be enough depending on how strong a DR Plan you wish or are asked to instigate. Personally I prefer Tape as it's harder to read if it falls into the wrong hands but if you use another form of Backup you could chose some form of Encryption to secure the data.


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