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VPN Frailties

By c-mackenzie ·
I am having problems accessing servers on my office network through my Cisco VPN client.

I connect to the internet via AOL's broadband services through a Netgear DG834G wireless router and the Cisco VPN Firewall is a PIX 515 hosted by a third party support company.

When I connect to the VPN everything seems to be okay and I can ping any computer or server on the office network but when I try to connect to them through RDP or Citrix ICA client it just times out.

Any one with any ideas please let me know.

Thanks very much!

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by zlitocook In reply to VPN Frailties

After you start your VPN can you remote to any of the computers or servers? Do you have a firewall at home and is the port/ports that Citrix needs open?

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by c-mackenzie In reply to

I can ping the servers on my network after I start my VPN, cannot RDP to any of the though. I've disabled my local firewall at home and it makes no difference.

Thanks for trying

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by ross.laing In reply to VPN Frailties

Try updating th hosts file in Windows, C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc , open it in Notepad. There are examples of what format entries should be added but should be:

<ipaddress> <>

Add entries for every server you are having trouble accessing.

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by c-mackenzie In reply to

Tried adding a few of the network servers on my office network into the hosts file on my home pc but it made no difference.

It's weird because I can trace routes to the servers and ping and telnet to them but just cannot RDP to them.

Thanks for trying.

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by roz007 In reply to VPN Frailties

When i had this issue it was related to licencing. If you delete the licence key in
Then delete the licence 000 if that doesn't work it could be that you have run out of TS cals on the server.

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