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By richardvallely ·
Hi everyone i must start my saying i am not a pro at this sort of thing and am very greatful for any help i can get.

I have just set up a VPN, i can get the tunnel to open, i can ping windows stations (windows 98 and XP)on the internal network, i can ping the firewall in and out, but i can not ping our server (Linux OBS) our printer (Danka mp c2500) and i can not connect to any drives on any station or server.

Pc trying to connect to internal network is compaq laptop, connects to internet with 3G mobile card (non static IP), uses netasq (greenbow) vpn client , contacts netasq F50 firewall for P1 and P2 authentification.
this all works i can connect and ping stations and using ethereal can see pings.

internal network is sub, server is, firewall is

please can anyone advise what i am doing wrong what i need to add, take away? I have used text that came with software and hardware and setup just as told too.

Again thank you for your time in reading my very bad english and for any help you can offer .

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Re: VPN Help

by gabor In reply to VPN Help

First of all, I hope you have solved your problem by now.
Second, could you please tell me how you got the connections (ping windows stations in private network) to work?
I have an established IPSec VPN tunnel, but whenever I try to put traffic through, the NetASQ U70 (new model-line) blocks the traffic because of the ASQ rule protocol ip "Direct access to private interface".

I have setup the appropriate filter rules to allow the traffic, but the ASQ module is processed first.
I see the traffic coming through the tunnel (tcpdump -i lo1), but after that, it is blocked.

Could you tell me how you got at least as far as you did, so as to compare with my own configuration.
Hopefully I can get it to work.


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