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By jarod.curtis ·
I have a vpn connection with work works ip addresses are and my home network is When I connect to the vpn it connects and everything works. Now my quesiton is that on the work network there is a network address that i need to get to If i try to connect to the address it cant find it. So my question is is there anyway to route to use the work gateway of and go there and connect to the 192 address instead of using my home network and not finding the 192 address???

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by In reply to VPN help

The answer is quite simple, your home network is using the entire 192.168.0 subnet. This means that when you make your request your pc thinks that the address is on the internal network at home and so does not route you out to the VPN.

You could use route add, to direct your traffic to the VPN ip,but when you add the route, do not enter any details for the metric or the interface and also direct the traffic at, not the specific ip.

Also you could change your home IP range to, I have had to do this on other customer sites due to conflicting ip ranges.

Mike aka Riverdale

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by jarod.curtis In reply to

The router is a linksys and the network is hard coded as 192.168.1. and it cant be changed. I tried the route add and it didnt work either

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by jarod.curtis In reply to VPN help

I have tried to do the route add

and it doenst work i also have a linksys router and the 192.168. is hard coded on the settings... ??

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by jarod.curtis In reply to VPN help

I have connected a netgear to my network and the new network ip addresses are once i connect to the vpn i still cannot access the ip address of thanks

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by jarod.curtis In reply to VPN help

Point value changed by question poster.

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by DHouchin In reply to VPN help

You have (at least) two separate Private networks at your work: and You also have a public IP that is accessible from the internet.

When you connect to the VPN, you are connecting to the public IP address. You then either use DHCP or you have manually configured an IP address for your VPN network connection. Since you're using as the default gateway, you're probably using a 10.0.0.x address for your VPN connection. Use ipconfig to check the address of your VPN connection.

Assuming that is available from your LAN (ie that there is a route defined for it at, and assuming that your VPN router/server is configured to route VPN connections, and assuming that there is no firewall that is blocking the traffic, you should be able to access it.

Verify all of those assumptions an you should find your problem.

Changing the ip of your router or local network interface on your system won't help much if the router does not know how to get packets to, and if the packets get stopped by a firewall before they make it up to the application layer, then you won't have communication.

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