VPN Help from my home computer

By ganell.dunn ·
I have VPN access set up to access my work desktop from any other computer. I am able to log in from multiple other computers.

However, I cannot log in from home. I have a Dell running WindowsXP. I have disabled all security and pop up blockers. I receive this error message when I try to use VPN ids_junipersetup_general_error

Any help or direction? Our VPN contact states it's not their problem because I can access from other computers. Our IT department states it's my computer not theirs so they won't troubleshoot.




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VPN problem from home

by agttlop In reply to VPN Help from my home com ...

I experience the same problem in the past.
Are you using a router connected to your DSL or Cable Modem?

Or if you are using a wireless router?

Reboot everything: DSL / CM, router, etc.

Sometimes, the router will hung, and it will be operate fine to connect to the internet; however, the VPN will be disable.

In myy setup, I have CM, wireless router, router, vonage, and 3 pc's. Once, I reboot (unplug) everything and restarted from the CM first, then wireless router, vonage, pc's. Is been working ever since, then lost power, and the problem started again. I rebooted, no problem.

Good luck!


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logging in from home lan via vpn connection

by sgt_shultz In reply to VPN Help from my home com ...

hi, vpn's expect you to not be on the lan you are connecting to (otherwise, you usually don't use a vpn, see? you would preferentially use XP Remote Desktop or LogMeIN or another remote control setup.
So I think your problem is the gateway setting in the vpn client. it is probably set to 'use remote gateway' . just change that to 'use local gateway' and see if that fixes it. maybe check out XP Remote Desktop to see if you wouldn't rather use that from home...

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