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    VPN Implamintation


    by sardukkan ·

    Overview! 2 sites one exsisting with a Win2k Server domain. New Site will have a Win2k server to act as a DC for local auth and Pointers for a old Foxbase Legacy App. I know that it’s supposed to be Modem / Internet port of VPN router / to network switch

    Hardware & WAN devices
    Each Site has a SBC DSL with a Netopia modem with built in firewall that I can config.

    I want to use the new Linksys WRV54G VPN Router at each site Site’s used to be Connected with ISDN

    So, site 1 LAN IP schema is 192.168.1.X Netmask .1 is the DC and acts as Local DHCP and WINS .10 is a Citrix box slinging the legacy app .254 is the gateway / Netopia modem WAN site looks something like Usable IP’S are something like 66.186.2. 185 – 189 Netmask

    Site 2 can do anything for the local LAN, I thinking of 192.168.2.X .1 would be the server .254 would be the Netopia The WAN address’s are simular to the first site.

    I’ve tryed playing at the remote site. Tuned off the Breakwater Firewall while playing. I set the Linksys lan side to and the wan side to one of my avalible fixed ips for the second site 66.168.5.X.

    1st Question I’m stuck! After I put the router in the loop and even with just one PC plugged directly in the router, I can’t see the modem anymore, can’t ping or anything!

    2nd Question. What do I point in each router to the opther to enable the VPN.

    Thanks & Cheers in advance!

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