VPN in 2003

By vikramsokhi ·
Hi Guys,

My name is Vikram

I am working as Network and system Support Engineer. I have a question and hope u guys can help me with that.

My company wants that users can accress the company network from home and do work if they are off from the work . My present network setup is I am running windows 2003 SBS with exchange server and internet connection is provided by NTL (service provider) via broadband so my sbs 2003 server shares the internet connection with other users on the network. We are not useing ISa server because it gives us problem in shareing internet if ISA is running I dont know why.

I need to know how can I setup my SBS 2003 to support VPN and allow users to work from home. What setting do i need to change on server and what setting on clients. Do i need any new hardware

Please guys help me .... waiting for your quick reply

many thanks


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This should help...

by Jellimonsta In reply to VPN in 2003
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VPN endpoint and authentication

by Dumphrey In reply to VPN in 2003

will depend alot on what firewall device you are using instead of ISA.
If you have a PIX in place I can peer mail you all the info you need. But without knowing your hardware (router etc) its very hard to say.

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by vikramsokhi In reply to VPN endpoint and authenti ...

Thanks for the reply guys... I am not useing any firewall I am using a ADSL router provided by ISP. So is it possible to configure VPN on server 2003 with ADSL router whihc have dynamic IP address. Please feel fee to email me. my email address is

Hope to hear from you soon.

Mnay thanks


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by Jellimonsta In reply to VPN

I would take your Email address out of that reply, or at least break it up for it is not a valid address (replace @ with *AT*).
Did you see the link I gave, that blog shows the steps for enabling VPN on SBS 2003.

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by vikramsokhi In reply to Email

I have checked the link I have done all that on my server but its still not working when ever i try to connect from the xp client. May be because i am using ADSL router ... So if you can please help me that be wounderful Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Many thanks


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