VPN Internet connection, home-pc networking help issue.

By egortarabasov ·
Okay, so heres the deal. My internet connection works like this. Plug in a network cable, then connect to the VPN connection. I need one way of connecting in one room and I also want to make a home theatre PC with internet on it.
so I have the following
3-4 Laptops, and 2 Desktops which could be used. What would be the most space saving, cable saving, cost effective way to do this?
Please post any questions, I will upload a picture with more detail to help :-).

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by egortarabasov In reply to picture.
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Here are some ideas, but we could use more detail

by JPLconsultant In reply to VPN Internet connection, ...

I'm not sure what a VPN has to do with any of this, can you explain that better?

It sounds to me like you've got one Internet connection for you home and you want to give multiple computers access to the Internet. In addition, you want to make one PC your home theater PC (with Internet access). Am I correct?

It's helpful if you can provide the hardware specs for these machines, so we can see whether or not you need to add network cards or wireless network adapters to any of them. My info below assumes you have network cards for hard-wiring in your desktops and the laptops have wireless adapters.

We also could benefit from knowing what type of Internet connection you have. You mention using a network cable, so you probably have DSL or Cable.

1. Buy a wireless router. Plug the Cable or DSL modem into your router's WAN port.

2. hard wire your desktops to the router's LAN ports. You'll have to run cable, but hard wire is more reliable and faster than wireless.

3. configure the wireless networking on the router.

4. configure the wireless networking on the laptops.

As for the home theater PC, well, that should be a fairly robust PC (lots of RAM, fast CPU, 7200RPM Hard Drive). You may choose to run XP Media Center as the OS.

That's kind of a rough idea. You don't give us much detail to go by, but this should get you in the right direction.

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why vPN?...this is why.

by egortarabasov In reply to Here are some ideas, but ...

my internet company is a very small one with like 1000 clients or so.
This is how they work, you connect the network cable in. Then you connect to the VPN connection using your user/password. if it was DSL or something like that I know how to do that and would have already. But im thinking on the lines of needing to have my own main computer always connected to the vpn connection and then others connecting to the main computer?

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by JPLconsultant In reply to why vPN?...this is why.

Most routers support VPN, so you can configure the router to maintain that VPN connection for you. You may want to contact your ISP and ask what vendor/model/firmware they've tested. While VPN should be the same, some vendors don't work well with others. I've even seen two firmwares of the same model have some difficulties. So it can be a little finicky (this is true whether you use a router or computer to maintain your VPN).

What type of Internet connection is this? Dial up? Satellite? DSL, cable, satellite, dial-up, ISDN, are all technologies used to connect to the Internet. VPN is a technology used to encrypt data after you've connected with one of the other technologies.

If you don't have broadband speed, then you'll be disappointed if you try to use multiple computers online at the same time. The connection will be too slow.

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