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    VPN IP address

    by carlte ·


    Hello everybody!

    I am new on this Forum and I arrived with a question.
    I use a NordVPN on a Windows laptop.

    I connect to the internet and my IP is
    I lunch the NordVPN application.
    I chose a country/server in the NordVPN application, I connect to the server.
    My public IP is mm.nn.oo.pp

    What is the IP address that I am connected to?
    In other words, to which IP address my ISP sees that I am connected?

    Is it mm.nn.oo.pp?
    Is my public IP address the same of the IP address that I am connected to?

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      Your public IP is the one from your VPN

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to VPN IP address

      The VPN handles outgoing and incoming TCP/IP requests, this hides your actual ISP provided IP address from websites, would be attackers, etc. Your actual IP address is known, however, by whatever VPN is in use, and your actual ISP still knows you are connected to their service, because the VPN handles translations to/from the ISP.

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        what is the IP of the VPN server?

        by carlte ·

        In reply to Your public IP is the one from your VPN

        Thank you Wizard57m-cnet for the information.

        The ISP knows my IP.
        The VPN provider knows my IP and my public IP.

        Is the IP of the VPN server (to which I connect) the same of my public IP??

        (if so, my ISP knows my public IP also)

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          The IP address assigned by the VPN

          by Wizard57M-TR ·

          In reply to what is the IP of the VPN server?

          is normally one “owned” by the VPN. It’s my understanding that unless the VPN and your ISP are one and the same, then your ISP doesn’t know your VPN assigned IP address, your ISP only “sees” that a connection owned by the VPN is sending and receiving IP packets over their network backbone. A lot may depend on the VPN itself and how they handle user identifiable data.

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