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VPN - is it a possiblility for me?

By Jennifer Rose ·
We have 5 computers on a LAN running WinXP Pro, using a 2-way satellite service for our Internet connection. We have run an accounting program where all the data is stored on 1 of these 5 computers (the application is installed on each machine.)

We have a new office out of town & would like for it to be able to connect to our network or at least the 1 computer with the data stored on it. Office #2 has a DSL connection with a static IP address.

What is the best way to connect these offices?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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by gralfus In reply to VPN - is it a possiblilit ...

Clarification: You have 2 offices, one consists of 5 computers and a single satellite uplink to the Internet, and the other office has an uspecified number of computers with DSL and static IPs. Is that correct?

Is either office set up as a domain?

You can certainly set up a VPN connection to an authentication server at the office with 5 PCs. Then when the remote PCs log in, they can authenticate through the VPN to the server and be a part of that domain. That's how they do it for my wife's company (except they use additional authentication hardware that requires a PIN). Check with your satellite provider to see if there are any known problems with this kind of setup, or with particular protocols.

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by Jennifer Rose In reply to

neither office is set up as a domain; there's only one computer at office #2, & office #1 doesn't have a server it's just a shared drive

the satellite company doesn't "support" vpn but we feel that the connection is strong & steady enough to work

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by pgm554 In reply to VPN - is it a possiblilit ...

VPN router will work(Linksys ,Netgear).

I strongly suggest you ditch the peer network and go to a small business server of sorts(Novell SBS 6.5 $399 or M$ SBS 2003 $599)5 users. You get VPN clients with both.

They are a whole lot easier to manage and secure.

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by ross.bale In reply to VPN - is it a possiblilit ...

I have set up a similar system for an employment agency, we installed two small-business level firewalls and setup a VPN between them, serving the application via Terminal services on a SBS 2000 server. This would be the preferred method as it is secure (as it relies on VPN and then 2000 Domain authentication). There were 8 users on the remote site and all apps worked well with just a 2MB DSL connection.

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by sun_shine In reply to VPN - is it a possiblilit ...

I think you use Client/Server architecture for your accounting program, so all the data you can store on the Server, and 4 of your PCs are Client Computer, so each computer client can access data from server by using VPN. Because VPN it's very easy to connect and use.

Good Luck!

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