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VPN Issues!

By davold ·
We have a few users here that cannot connect to any server shares whilst connected to DSL/VPN from a Company provided home connection.

They establish a connection no problem to the Internet via DSL (pppoe client) and connect to the Network no problems through Contivity VPN Client.
When connected to the Network via VPN they can run applications, intranet apps, email etc. However they cannot connect to any hosts or file servers. The error messages they receive are "Local device is already in use" when attempting to connect to a mapped drive. Or "The Network path was not found" when attempting to connect by UNC syntax

They can ping these servers and the server name resolves when doing a tracert. They can also not connect by direct IP address (using UNC again) We have confirmed the correct Wins & Dns addressing when connected.

What is puzzling us is that when they connect via standard dialup they dont have any problems connecting to server shares. So no issue with the VPN Client or VPN A/c's, We have spoken to the ISP in relation to this. They dont block any ports or traffic types.

Please help us on this one. We have looked at IPSEC as potential issues. This is affecting only a few people with the same SOE Coreload on their Notebooks.

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by house In reply to VPN Issues!

You've enabled Routing and Remote Access? It has been my experience that "routes" have to be configured in order to connect through VPN to network ressources such as Shared drives.

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by napolitano In reply to VPN Issues!

Try runing a script at login that will delete any mapped drives and reconnect them. for example:

net use p: /delete
net use p: \\servername\share
net use o: /delete
net use o: \\servername\share

this will make sure that all mapped drives are delected prior to attempting to connect them at VPN login.

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by wtdrisco In reply to VPN Issues!

David, maybe this will help. IF you created a VPN connection through (Networking and Dail-up), there is a setting under the TCPIP then ADVANCE on the VPN properties that (Use Default Gateway on remote network). If this is unchecked, you will not be able to connect to any servers or shares that in another sunet. (For example, if the ip for the server that you connect to with the VPN is 192.168.1.#, and this setting is unchecked, then you will not be able to connect to anything that is 192.168.2.# or higher. If you check that box, then you can connect to all of them, but you lose local internet connection.

Worth a try, I hope.


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by razz2 In reply to VPN Issues!

It sounds like when they use DSL to connect they are at home
behind a DSL router. The private ip address scheme is the same
as at the office so ip believes that the hosts are local LAN
address' in the home. It then does not route them out the WAN
side of the router.

Dialup would work because they are most likely not ethernet
connected at the time. Therefore their ip is the one given by the
isp and there is no route confussion. Any ip private address seen
as a different subnet.

If your office is 192.168.y.z CLASS B, then the home offices need
to be different subnets. It could be as easy as 192.168.41.z
CLASS C. I have even see issues when they are close with some
VPN software like SoftRemote. I would do home as a very
different subnet such as 10.10.10.z.

Good Luck,


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