VPN loses connection after 2 minutes

By rob_duk ·

I have three Win XP boxes, one is set up as a VPN host, the other as a
VPN client, which is on a separate network. Both are permanently
connect to the internet.

Able to connect to the host from the client and browse shared folders
on the host.

However, every time I connect the connection always drops after 2 min
18 sec, whether I am browsing or not.

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this problem?

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VPN loses connection after 2 minutes

by abdi_wae In reply to VPN loses connection afte ...


check the idle time before hangup option.
or maybe your provider blocking your VPN connection (if this has happened before).


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Idle timeout already set to "Never"

by rob_duk In reply to VPN loses connection afte ...

Hi hugestone,

Thanks for your reply.

The connection is dropped even if I am actively opening
documents or browsing folders... The idle time setting is set
to "Never" on the client. Is there a similar setting on the host?

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Norton Protection Centre caused this problem

by rob_duk In reply to Idle timeout already set ...

The title says it all. This software has been a nuisance since
installing it and I am increasingly switching off various
elements to allow the server to operate properly, therefore
rendering it virtually useless.

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