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    vpn or another route?


    by russell gates ·

    i have a client with a server 2003 r3 w/ roaming user profiles on the server. we need to allow access over the Internet to the server for 2 clients. The server is setup in house using public IP addresses and DHCP. They need to access programs and network resources.
    I’ve looked at remote desktop software but they don’t look like they will work to access the server?
    Do i need to get IP address from their web-host to configure or can i tunnel without them. I’ve been reading but I’m confused.

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      further question

      by russell gates ·

      In reply to vpn or another route?

      They use off site web-host. If i got the domain IP address from the web-host there would be a conflict on the Internet right?

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      Microsoft technet

      by cg it ·

      In reply to vpn or another route?

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        @CG IT

        by russell gates ·

        In reply to Microsoft technet

        I’ve been reading the Technet stuff. Like most M-soft stuff it can be ambiguous and leaves one feeling uncertain. I get all the steps i just don’t understand the music? My biggest concern is the IP address and .com link. Already got most things ready.Profile sec settings, RAS on etc.
        If I understand correctly the company needs its own URL and dedicated IP address. Yet they don’t webhost. Am i going the wrong way? Do they need to purchase another domain just to VPN? hmmm….I’ll look through fatcow. They are my host.
        I do see programs out there that are “supposed” to allow you to VPN but if they have the capability in house then why pay big $’s?
        Management and cost of management + learning curve and next man in the hole = me one happy admin!

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          then you need a couple courses on TCP/IP

          by cg it ·

          In reply to @CG IT

          recommend this book:

          and maybe a couple on how the internet works..but jumpstart TCP/IP is pretty good for getting the basics. Maybe a DNS book..

          I like this one.

          In so much as if you understand how networking works and understand what DNS is for, then the questions you have gets answered.

          but to help you along…

          The internet works just like the postal service. To get mail you have to put your address on it so it gets to you. The address is unique to your house on your street in your town, in your county, in your state, in your country.

          But imagine those who leave out the address but stick your name on it. There’s still a way to make sure people can find you. Your nice mail sorters and mailman knows you by name so he doesn’t really need the address. That’s basically what DNS is. instead of an address you use a name.

          Who is Russell Gate? oh yea, he’s at address such and such. or flip side, who is address such and such? oh yea that’s Russell Gates. That is the basics of DNS.

          VPN clients only need to know the address of the VPN server they will connect to, or the domain name if there is one.

          If the address changes, then they need to know that the address has changed and use that instead of the old one.

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          oh i didn’t realize

          by russell gates ·

          In reply to then you need a couple courses on TCP/IP

          I looked like such an idiot. That it is that easy to venture into unchartered waters and to ask for help from the fellow IT community because we all know everything about everything between the I and the T. Thank you! So much!
          And basically your saying I’m over complicating the issue?
          That a dedicated IP address is not necessary? Or registered Domain name?
          I can call it Joes Pool Hall and configure it with public ip address and it will work just fine. Cause i enable DNS on the server?

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          Give a guy a fish, he eats for a day, teach him to fish, feeds himself

          by cg it ·

          In reply to oh i didn’t realize

          and that is the gist of my posts.

          if you have internet access from an ISP that provides you with an address, then remote users can use that address.

          now, the “how” they go about gaining access, there are many ways. VPN is one of them. If you read RRAS and VPN on Microsoft Technet, that tells you how to do it using microsoft stuff.

          but again, the bottom line is, TCP/IP and how TCP/IP internetworking works. That works on almost the same principle as the mail system.

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          and please understand

          by russell gates ·

          In reply to Give a guy a fish, he eats for a day, teach him to fish, feeds himself

          that I’m not ungrateful. I absolutely understand your point about fishing. I do understand TCP/IP and networking. I was just stuck on the ambiguity of Microsoft speak. I think sometimes they leave it vague because again we are supposed to know everything between I and T. well i don’t and don’t pretend to. i will read till my eyes bleed and ask questions. I do tend to over analyze things. One thing I hate in IT is the well I’m not going to say anything because you might know more than me and I’ll feel stupid.
          I’ve got an intern working with me right now. Uhm wow they really don’t teach a lot in those schools at least hands on. Any way I told him to never fear asking and if he knew something i didn’t know i would ask him to explain. but enough of this! on to the response

          I’ll just use the IP address on the router from comcast and i should be golden. I’m sure you understand about doing homework before arriving to play. The worst thing that could happen would be to blow it up. I’ll set my laptop to join the domain and go from there. once i figure it out it’ll be easy enough to relay it.
          Have no fear Under Dog is here

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          so do you get RRAS and public addresses and VPN clients?

          by cg it ·

          In reply to and please understand

          everyone who has always on DSL or Cable or for businesses, whatever connection type that provides them internet access, gets a public address. Some don’t change, some do. But the address is unique and traffic sent to that address will get to that address.

          What traffic and how that network handles traffic, well, that’s different.

          VPN client traffic to a public address requires “something” at the other end that will accept and make a connection for that traffic. Microsoft products such as Windows 2000/2003/2008 server uses RRAS services.

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      by russell gates ·

      In reply to vpn or another route?

      Yes I do. Thank you. I’ll be heading over there soon to see about finishing up. The only way to learn is to do. I believe Comcast for business uses dedicated IP address. I will find out for sure. I hadn’t thought of that till you mentioned using supplied address and not changing unless like power failure or something. If it does change simple fix.
      I’ll keep this open and let you know how i progress.

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