VPN over Ethernet

By snabibax ·
Dear friends, I am tasked by my office to connect the HQ to two remote branch offices through a secure vpn tunnel. However, the problem at hand is the absence of public IPs. Our ISP does not provide public IPs for the servce they provide to us and it's for this reason that I'm requesting for ideas on how to implement a VPN tunnel between two sites without public IPs on either side. I need some ideas friends.

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Dynamic DNS

by gechurch In reply to VPN over Ethernet

I assume you mean you don't have a static IP? (By definition if you have Internet access then you have a public IP - you can log in to your modem or go to a site like to find out yours).

It is best if you can have static IPs so if there's any chance you can pay more for this service, move to a higher plan or change ISP then do that. Assuming you don't though the answer is to use a dynamic DNS server. You then use your domain name and add an A record for each site (eg. headquarters.domain,com,, You then sign up for a dynamic DNS service, and set up the router (or a PC) at each site with the dynamic DNS details. This will monitor your public IP address and when it changes it will automatically update the IP address that the A record for that site points to.

There are also hosted network solutions like I don't know much about them, but there's a chance they might also be able to work without static IPs.

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Reponse To Answer

by snabibax In reply to Dynamic DNS

thank you gechurch for your suggestion. I will create the dynamic dns and configure as you suggested and will post back here the result.

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