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VPN over high latency connections...

By buschman_007 ·
Hey Guys,

I'm having difficulty with my VPN solution right now. Let me explain my setups.

Old setup: Nortel Contivity 1500 went to a glorified workstation running steel belted radius for authentication. Users did not go through the firewall, the Nortel box sat parallel to our sonicwall(firewall). All clients connected via IPSEC. Of course the workstation running steel belted radius crashed.

New Setup: Running Win 2K3 RRAS. Clients use PPTP, go through the firewall and into one of our 2K3 servers.

So I was already building the new RRAS server when the old radius server crashed. So I wasn't totally caught with my pants down. But here's what I've found. Connections with higher than usual latency have trouble connecting to the RRAS server. Just about all of my 802.11a/b/g users can connect but randomly get kicked off. (sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 5 hours) I have one user (my CEO, or course) who uses satellite to connect and he can't even get authenticated. I had to find a way to get the old Nortel Contivity to authenticate to IAS on one of my 2K3 boxes to get him back in. But I don't consider this a permantent solution.

So now I have two VPN solutions up and running but neither one seems like the clear choice. Our company has several remote offices who VPN in and we have about 50 employees here in Maryland. Considering our size and the fact that we are growing, what VPN solution would be best that can handle extended connection time, 802.11 wireless, and satellite connections?

Thanks for your advice,

p.s. Please feel free to ask me questions about my setup or why I did what I did if it's not clear.

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