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VPN Performance

By bear-pain ·
We have a client that wants us to do an offsite backup for their facility. They have a DSL line in their office. Our problem is that no matter what we try we cannot seem to get enough throughput out of the DSL line. I have tried QOS with no success. When I ping them, I have a latency of 70-75 ms. Our cable internet provider's latency is 15-20 ms. I would appreciate some advice. I want to make sure I have not missed anything before advising our client they need to switch ISP's in order for us to do an offsite backup. Thanks for your help!

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VPN Performance

by gfreeman In reply to VPN Performance

What is their bandwidth your client is paying for (upload and download)? What the bandwidth of the remote site (upload/download). If he/she can send (upload) at let's say 256kbps but you can download at 1.54Mbps the data transfer rate will be 256kbps (actually a bit lower due to overhead).
Next question, how much data are you trying to backup? Is it very large? if so and you are able to bring the remote device, whether it is a network attached storage (NAS) or other device to the local network (or ideally directly connected to the source such as with a USB 2.0) you can run an initial FULL backup and then take the destination drive/device to a remote location and run differential backups. This will resolve the substanical overhead and time it would take to try to send a large initial backup across a wide area netork (WAN).
Since a backup is not time sensitive to my knowledge (an example of something that would require low latency is Voice over IP (AKA VoIP)you don't need to focus on the network latency, but instead on the items I have mentioned.
I hope that helps,


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