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    VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse


    by pbtoms ·

    I am connecting two offices using SonicWall SOHO2 firewalls, which have a box-to-box VPN feature. In our main office, we have a DSL line that connects to the Sonicwall, which plugs into a Proxy Server. The Proxy/Sonicwall network is 192.168.168.x. The second NIC on the Proxy is connected to our internal network, 10.1.0.x. Our branch office is 10.2.0.x. With a bit of tweaking (setting up security associations for both networks on this end, etc.), I was able to get the VPN working, to a point. I can ping computers by IP address in the branch office. I cannot browse Network Neighborhood, however, nor can I ping by computer name. Our main server here is Win2k, and has WINS running. The Sonicwalls are set up to allow NetBIOS broadcasts. I would be very grateful for any assistance anyone can offer, and will provide whatever other information you might need, as well. Thanks!

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      VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      by highorbit ·

      In reply to VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      We had the same problem with our initial VPN set-up.

      We had to set-up replication between WINS on both ends, then we set the DHCP server to give out the remote sites WINS address as secondary for all clients.

      This solved all our browsing and name resolution problems.


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      VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      by gbjoe ·

      In reply to VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      It definetly sounds like a firewall problem. Packets are being dropped somewhere. I know that you have probably openned all the necessary port but still, I would setup a packet sniffer at different points in the network and see what ports are being used also the sniffer will confirm the source and destination addresses so you can compare to your firewalling.

      hope this helps

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      VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      This Windows2000 Magazine article titled, “15 Tips for Troubleshooting VPN Connections” may be of some help to you.

      (REMOVE SPACES from the pasted URL)

      The “troubleshooting” portion of the article starts as follows:

      “Client can’t connect to the PPTP server: The first problem you might encounter is the client’s inability to connect to the PPTP server. You need to check for three possible causes of this problem.”

      It’s quite extensive, and I can’t post the whole thing here.

      Good luck,


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      VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      by yasirs ·

      In reply to VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse


      Ok well the enviroment is not defined to clearly but let me make some guesses to ur question.

      U are using 2 SOHO2 SonicWall firewalls with a box – box VPN feature ( VLANS ) ….

      Do these support NetBIOS or not? If not then yes u would require a WINS server an both ends or WINS at one end and a WINS Proxy agent at the other end. Again if the DSL capable firewalls are capable of supporting NetBT ( NetBIOS over TCP/IP) then u are in luck . I think the above procedures ahould be valid a DSL is basically a NetBIOS support suloution. If theres any problems with them not transferring the NetBIOS directory inforamtion over to each other i.e. the WINS server and the WINS Proxy Agent then use WINS servers and both ends and share the wins.db file some way other the other after changes to confirm your computer names to IP address resolution.

      Your question was basically a problem of name resolution.

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      VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      by rawright ·

      In reply to VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      I’m using, or rather, setting up the same arrangement with SOHO2 SonicWalls. I would suggest using the SOHOs for DHCP service, and configure them to point to the main server for WINS. At the branch office you will probably need to define a route to the WINS server at the main office to allow the clients there to resolve names. A fine point that the tech support people clarified for me this week is that if you don’t use the SOHO’s DHCP service, client DNS requests will not be passed back to them! I didn’t see that in the docs…

      Mine isn’t working yet, so I may be blowing smoke, but that’s my best guess. The boss set up a remote store (had it done, rather) and without any notice, dropped the box on my desk and told me to make it work. It would have been nice if anyone had asked if DSL is available here (it wasn’t until two weeks ago). I’ll know more next week when the line is installed.

      Drop me an email, and keep in touch – I may need to pick your brain some when it’s my turn!

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      VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      by mikel~t ·

      In reply to VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      your proxy server is blocking the network neighborhood browsing. Also, pinging by computer name won’t work unless you have DNS setup and allowed through the proxy to an internal dns server.

      I’m curious why you have a firewall and a proxy server,but you may need to enable IP forwarding on the proxy server to allow for browsing the internal network…the Sonicwall should handle all of your firewall needs, so you may not need to be so stringent with the Proxy setup.

      Hope this helps.


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      VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

      by pbtoms ·

      In reply to VPN problem – can ping, can’t browse

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