vpn problem---desperate

By wvrombaoajr ·
I have set up a PPTP VPN using Windows server 2k3.
I was able to connect and browse once or twice but now I can't browse users on network(i am using domain) even by IP. I can't even ping them, though I can ping the vpn server and 1 PC which is not in the domain. I am using windows XP pro on both ends. Here are the things I've tried and some info...

LAN Adapter
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

PPP Adapter
IP address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

VPN Server
Lan Adapter (static ip)
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

When tried to ping other users in network (domain member) I get 1 reply and 3 timed outs... If I tried again, its 100% loss.

I can ping another user in network (not domain member) and the VPN Server with no problem, I can even access its shared resources..

Here is what I have tried...
1. Disable firewall (on router on both sides)
2. Disable windows firewall (together with router firewall) on both sides.
3. Uncheck Use default gateway on Remote network in my TCP/IP settings...
4. Included DNS suffix on DNS settings of TCP/IP on both LAN and PPP adapter.

I can ping remote client from Domain Controller (IP I am running DNS,AD,File Server on 1 machine and RAS\IAS on another.

By the way, I am using a single NIC vpn server behind a WRT54G Linksys router.

If there are additional info needed just tell me....
I am having my head spin on this....helppp!!

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Done all these...

by wvrombaoajr In reply to A check list

I followed these steps, however, I opted to use a single nic setup on vpn server as I have read somewhere that it is possible... Will try to search it and post it here... I can connect with the vpn server just fine and to another pc that is not a member of the domain and access its shared resources, meaning my server is setup just fine... am I right? What is up with domain, is there some settings in the Domain controller I am missing?

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Should be

by Jacky Howe In reply to Done all these...

right if Routing and Remote Access is setup properly. Port forwarding is enabled to the Server. Have a look here.

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Got it!!!

by wvrombaoajr In reply to Done all these...

Looks like I missed something... when I tried to look up for the VPN server setup with one NIC, I stumbled on this site...
and voila, I can ping all computers in domain without having to turn off any firewall...

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See self help works :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to Got it!!!

Good to see you up and running. :)

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Yes, I'm so glad

by wvrombaoajr In reply to See self help works :)

After days of thinking how I can make it work... And I am thinking that "now my only problem is how to connect using computer names and not by IP addresses" and when I tried it... IT WORKS!! without additional configuration....

Well, thanks for the help... I would not have encountered that page have I not posted here...hope this experience will help others...

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