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VPN problem using Microsoft

By tolpster ·
I am using the RRAS from Microsoft. When I log on to the VPN from a client, it authentics it and i am able to get onto the network. But when I try to access the server or another computer by the computer name, it says my username or password is wrong but it is correct. I am able to access the server from the IP address and can ping the other computers.
I am not using DHCP and am on a DSL line with 2 routers. We use DNS servers that are located in another business office. I use TCP/IP using the static adresses, and just recently got the RIP recieving and sending. I did type in the static IP addresses in the Static Routes in the RRAS, but it did not help. I appreciate any help in solving my problem.

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VPN problem using Microsoft

by Some Guy in Seattle In reply to VPN problem using Microso ...

If your RAS logon username/password are different than your domain username/password, you will need to put the domain name in when you browse via name (e.g. \\domain\machine). It should then prompt you for your password.

Otherwise, it may be worthwhile to put your network server names and IPs into your hosts and lmhosts files, in the winnt\system32\drivers\etc directory.

Hope that helps,

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VPN problem using Microsoft

by tolpster In reply to VPN problem using Microso ...

The VPN logon username/password is the same as in the domain. Also, the domain name is listed when I logon. We do not use host or lmhosht files, only DNS.

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VPN problem using Microsoft

by maxwell edison In reply to VPN problem using Microso ...


you should try using PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol). Point-to-Point Protocol is the protocol used to establish, authenticate, and assign IP addresses to incoming and outgoing dial-up connections.

This article:;EN-US;q234014

describes how to enable PPP logging, which can be helpful in troubleshooting these processes.

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