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    VPN providing no speed at all


    by 08-bases-mohair ·


    I’m new to VPN so please excuse me if this is an obvious answer.

    My VPN provides little to no speed at all. Turn it off, fast standard speed for my area. It’s utterly useless as it is atm.

    I’ve tried server hopping, resetting the router etc but nothing works. Is there anything my end I can do to make it work?

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      Re: VPN

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to VPN providing no speed at all

      VPN’s aren’t for speed, they are for privacy and circumventing geoblocking.
      All you can do: find a faster service. Might be more expensive,

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      Maybe your Internet Provider is not allowing it

      by ibex34587 ·

      In reply to VPN providing no speed at all

      The same problem was happening with me, I bought Nord VPN and tried to access a website but it wasnot letting me access it. When I come to check it with my network provider I came to know that the internet I was using of Mobile Data was not allowing me to access anything form the VPN.

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      Struggling with VPN Speed Impact on My Shopify Store

      by oliviadaniel842 ·

      In reply to VPN providing no speed at all

      I’m new to VPN, and I’m experiencing significant speed issues with it. When it’s active, my website’s performance is severely affected, but without it, everything runs smoothly. I’ve attempted various servers and even resetting my router, but none of these measures seem to improve the situation. Are there any steps I can take on my end to enhance my Shopify store or website’s performance while using a VPN?

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