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    VPN Resolution


    by c_giby ·

    I’ve encountered a unique situation I can’t quite figure out a resolution

    I’m trying to set up an mobile VPN solution into a location that is
    somewhat remote. The small wireless ISP doesn’t offer static IP’s, nor can
    they provide anything more than internal IP. Because of this, I’m unable to
    use configure an update client for dynamic DNS service.

    Does anyone know a solution for creating a tunnel in the situation?

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      by c_giby ·

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      You can try this out….

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to VPN Resolution

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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        Helpful solution, possibly the wrong problem.

        by c_giby ·

        In reply to You can try this out….

        I looked through the solutions there and wasn’t able to find any products that fit my situation. I already have an IPsec VPN client. However, I can’t use it because the ISP can’t provide an external IP, static or dynamic.

        I tried using DynDNS with it’s auto-updater installed within the network, but this solution doesn’t work because the outside of the network has an internal adress from the ISP.

        Are there any other viable solutions?

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