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    VPN router + mesh?

    by crowellnoob ·


    I have two issues that I’m trying to solve
    – insufficient wifi coverage in a house
    – xbox that can’t run vpn / phone that battery doesn’t allow to run constantly vpn

    I read that mesh system would solve the coverage issue and allow me in the future to buy a third one to extend the coverage in case this one would be insufficient. Is Linksys Velop something you’d recommend?

    I also heard that buying a cheap router, flashing it and using as a bridge for the mesh system would solve the vpn issue.
    Here however I have no idea which one to choose. Few main doubts I have
    – is the maximum speed based on the router type important, or is it only for wifi?
    – will any do?
    -is there any cheaper hardware that can do the job, since I’ll turn off the wifi on it?

    If you did something similar or you have any other suggestions, please let me know!

    Happy new year!

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      You omitted what you have now.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to VPN router + mesh?

      There’s a mention of the phone but it’s unclear if this is your Internet source.

      There’s an XBox but no detail why VPN is required. VPNs are notorious for issues if folk are trying to get around geolocks or something else. For geolock issues post about that in

      As such I can’t begin to offer what I’d use in your case.

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      Few common things about domain name

      by engineerelectrical ·

      In reply to VPN router + mesh?

      Domain is a single universal identity for the host and it can find the web address. Every address has a unique and used to access to find the website. Domain names are put as suffix which are .com, net, org. Different domain represent respective significant. “.com” domain names are mostly used by commercial website. “.org” websites are often used by non-profit organizations. Some Domain represent it Country such as”.dk” (Denmark) or “.bd” (Bangladesh), which are easily known to country and also audience.

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