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    VPN routing options


    by bleepingtech ·

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    Looking for VPN routing solution.
    A terribly bad picture below but it points out what I need to accomplish.
    Two seperate client VPNs connect to my gateway.
    Then I forward the traffic onto a third VPN to our service provider.
    Two way communication must pass between Clients and Service provider.

    Client 1 CE——-VPN—————\
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> My Gateway ————VPN——-Service Provider
    Client 2 CE ——-VPN————-/

    Is there a software solution that does not require an exacutable for the client and service provider?

    Is there a Free/open source solution?

    can this be done with one IP address for my Gateway?

    What options are there in general what do large service providers do to accomplish this?

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