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    VPN security


    by tindoh ·


    I am working remotely from home on my personal computer and home wifi but on company VPN. Can the company see what I do when I am off duty?

    Will it help if I switch off the VPN after my shift and only switch it on when I start work?

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      I don’t see why not.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to VPN security

      Who knows what the company software does. Because of this you are never quite sure.

      I’ll not get into the information logged by your PC, your ISP, the VPN and more here. A lot of PCs leak information since the users opt in for Facebook and what else?

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      Your activity

      by old molases ·

      In reply to VPN security

      If your company has their own VPN then they might. But if the have opted for a external provider such Ivacy or Nord then they cant.

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      Use a separate device for work

      by techtopiaco ·

      In reply to VPN security

      Your company might be able to see your personal information if you have installed some of their trackig software on your computer. You should have separate devices for work and personal needs.

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        Agree with separate work device

        by teamperception ·

        In reply to Use a separate device for work

        I believe if the VPN is from an external provider it is still possible to have access to the information as long as you are leaving the VPN on. That’s why I completely agree you should separate your work device from your personal device. VPN mostly gets info about your browsing activities.

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      Virtual Private Network

      by fpl123online ·

      In reply to VPN security

      A VPN is a connection over the internet. It assures that the connection is safe and encrypted, it also assures that the data transfers over it is safely transmitted. It saves you from unauthorized access. Using VPN is good for safety point of you. As there is increasing cybercrime one needs to keep the their data safe and secure.

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      by cyberhuntersecurit ·

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      there are cases that the company tracks your activity on the device using their VPN. so it’s better to use the personal for personal use while the company for work purposes only. just to be sure about your privacy.

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      VPN security

      by bart_0sh34 ·

      In reply to VPN security

      totally agree with what just said… and yes, if they want to ” see you” they will.

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      is the VPN developed by your company?

      by sunshying2014 ·

      In reply to VPN security

      I agree that if the VPN is not developed by your company, then it to a large degree won’t know what you’ve done with it.

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